Despite glaring red-flags, financial institutes did nothing to stop criminals from laundering dirty money. How can we fix the system?

By Mohammed Rayaan

On September 20, senior investigative journalist Jason Leopold dropped an unscathed bombshell on Twitter. “For 2 years, I have been working on a massive, global financial investigation w/my BuzzFeed News colleagues based on secret US govt docs we shared w/ @ICIJ, internal bank records & intvs w/100s of sources. Here’s Day 1 #FinCENFiles,” (sic) he wrote.

The floodgates of investigative journalism opened. After the Panama Papers’ and the Paradise Papers’, the FinCEN Files is the latest scandal to rock the world of finance and banking. Jason Leopold was one of the journalists from BuzzFeed News to hold…

To make America great again and setting things back in order, Joe Biden has a very difficult task ahead

The recent outbreak of violence at the US Capitol, home to the Senate and House of Representatives, reminds one of the sequences of events that took place centuries back in France. On July 1789, the Bastille was attacked by the angry mob. The storming of the medieval fortress was symbolic of the ‘overthrow of monarchy.’ What transpired was the transition to a republic based on ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. The image of the workers renovating a high fencing wall around Capitol, contrastingly, carried the sense of fall of those ideals in the United States. The violence egged on…

Dear Readers,

We are highly appreciative of all the support, patience, and trust that you have showered on us. It bestows us with immense pleasure to announce that out of the number of projects that we are working on — climacteric of one among them has been accomplished.

Opinioc started its journey as a Medium-partnered publication, and within a short span of time, it set the Thames on fire and became one of the top publications on Medium.

But not to confine it there, a multivariate platform was envisaged in a comprehensive, concise way — where the evolving needs and…


A Poem.

By Aiman Shaheen

From the ashes, I’ll rise

Fleeing the dark residing the light;

In quiet, I’ll wait a while

Escaping the barren dwelling the mines;

In the skies, I’ll wait a while

Awakening the buds singing with birds;

In heavens, I’ll wait a while

Avoiding the conflict slipping through the lies;

In truth, I’ll wait a while

Sailing on the ocean’s surface chasing the stratus clouds;

In a parallel universe, I’ll wait a while

Scenting the flowers — sweetening the fruits;

In rain, I’ll wait a while

Visiting the old playing with the child;

In twinkling eyes, I’ll wait…

A Poem.

By Aadil Hussain

Our history, says Grandma, breathes in us,
The legends and our folklore, to them, will remain,
Like words of ‘Nilmut Purana’, an insoluble mystery-
Jalodbhava, at the pedestal, still pushes them here,
In every Ka-Shimeeri, little he knows, dwells a Kashyap Rishi-
His pedestal soon will dry, this time — not at Baramullah-
To the burning sun, at the out-stretched heart of Dilli.

Kashmir is not just a piece of land to be domiciled,
It is a notion, a fabric, weaved, knitted, and colored
By generations, a unique thread to a unique domiciliary;
It frames musicality of the Roof preceding festivals,
The Yepaet fastening two…


History will document Kashmir Times' steadfastness and ethical stance.

By Mushtaq Sikander

The sealing of the Kashmir Times office is undoubtedly an example of a political vendetta. With the new media policies aimed at tethering the untenable voices of the local press in the valley and the regime in power trying its best to nullify the reconnaissance of the independent journalists, the latest move is targetted to make realize that they need to be in the line of the ‘Masters-in-the-Rosters’. It wants every journalist to fall-in-line and most of them have surrendered before the State except a few — the Executive Editor of Kashmir Times, Anuradha Bhasin to name.

Dear Writers and Readers,

We, The Opinioc, are highly appreciative of all the efforts and trust you have showered on us. It brings us immense pleasure to inform our esteemed readers, that we are pursuing our goal of fulfilling those promises which were made in the preceding newsletters with the modus-operandi of integrity and dedication.

We have been approached by our enthusiastic members from the extended family but we couldn’t revert within the stipulated time period as new dawn is beginning from our side. …


A poem about societal cognition and conditioning about the superior gender.

By Aiman Shaheen

When they judge you

Being unaware of the facts

When they talk behind you

Being unaware of the truth

When they hate you

Being unaware of the reason

When they decide about you

Being unaware of the choice

When they try to control you

Being unaware of the odds

When they talk to you

Being unaware of the sincerity

When they call you fragile

Being unaware of the delicacy

When they detest you

Being unaware of the purity

When they belittle you

Being unaware of the greatness

When they categorize you

Being unaware of the beauty



Poem about the journey of a human to an unknown land where the resentment remains same even after his desires come true.

By Zainab Fatma

The end of the sea doesn’t seem fair

And so I set sail upon the water,

Dead and blue and bright

Crashing against my boat

Rising and falling in might…

The end of the sea is a story

And I set sail to see the horizon

That changes colours

From black to grey to blue to red,

Where the sun dies and the night begins…

The end of the sea is a lie some say

For once you set your sail

A new story, a new world begins

So yet again I row

To seek and find…


He is one autumn leaf, that you can never wish a fall.

By Syed Anjum

You are blinded by love

His thought carries you away

The thorns have bruised you

You see the scars with love.

Your demeanor never changes

A rock, that grows soft grass

You have his name engraved

In your heart, his reflection shines.

How else you feel in love?

You reminisce his given pain

It is the sweet honey on tongue

Although it poisons your soul.

His being is too enough

He is away but still near

You see him as unseen

You know him as unknown.

His thunder strikes you hard

You become silent like earth


The Opinioc Team

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